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u: SE UCH Tendenz Handle With Care

Född: 2017-12-27

Ägare: Kennel Tendenz






SE12904/2016 SS
Pixbo Intro
SE47438/2015 SS
I'm Perfect Gentleman Helloween
PKRII/99781 SS
Wild Rush's Knights Oftheroundtable
PKRII/93134 SS
Repitition's Carpe Diem
SE32877/2015 SS
Ilidia Z Derek
PKRII/105373 SS
Scrappy Doo Jezzy Dogs
PKR.II-105207 SS
Pricilla Presley Grasant
SE59968/2012 SS
Tendenz Handle Whith Care
S33144/2009 SS
Pixbo Opinion
PKRII-89685 S
Char N'co One More For The Road
S16499/2004 SS  
Blythewood Swedish Opera
SE46940/2010 SS
Mac Link's Ass Kicker
AKCRN15394901 PS
Kharasahl's I Am Legend
S17613/2009 PS
Axcium's Kickass


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