SE UCH NORD JV-19 Tendenz Me Myself and I "Jazz" 

e: C.I.B, KH v-18, SKBV-18 Pixbo Intro
u: SE UCH Tendenz Just So Cozy 

 SE UCH, NO UCH Tendenz One Way Or Another "Enzo"

e: SE UCH Virgin's Pride
u: SE UCH, DK UCH, DK JV-18, NO JV-18 Tendenz Life Is Life

Perfect Touch Armed And Dangerous



e: EE CH, FI UCH, NO JV-21, NO UCH, SE UCH Silver Rainbow Donizetti

u: FI UCH, SE UCH Perfect Touch One Piece Of Work

C.I.B, KH v-18, SKBV-18 Pixbo Intro "Lotuz"


e: PL CH RO CH I'm Perfect Gentleman Helloween

u: PL CH Ilidia Z Derek

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